How Can I Get Involed?

Regional Lead Trainee


The Regional Lead will be responsible for:

  • Being the first point of contact for any study query within their region/network.

  • Recruiting regional units to participate in RICOCHET (5 required for recognition as

  • Regional Lead in authorship) and form a regional collaborators network.

  • A Regional Lead may also wish to act as a local lead trainee to lead a data collection team.

Local Lead Consultant

This should be a consultant Gastroenterologist, HPB or Upper GI Surgeon. The Local Consultant  will be responsible for:

  • Being the named consultant for any local registration processes

  • Being a permanent point of contact for the audit

  • Defining roles of individuals within the team locally

  • Supporting the local lead and data collection team in any administrative hurdles they may

  • encounter.

  • Disseminating outcomes of the audit locally.

Local Lead Trainee

The Local Lead should be a SpR or Core Trainee and will be responsible for:

  • Recruiting and managing local data collection team

  • Data collection completeness as supported by study data validation process

  • Custodian of the Unit-specific REDCap login

  • Local RICOCHET audit registration in keeping with local procedure

Data Collection Team Members 

Each unit will need a team to collect the data, which should consist of the following:

  • Local Lead trainee and consultant (n=2)

  • ± Doctor / medical student data collectors (n=0-2, or 0-5 in tertiary units)

  • ± 1 non-doctor team member (e.g. clinical nurse specialist / MDT co-ordinator etc.) who has

  • played an invaluable role in case identification / data collection.


The Data Collection Team will be responsible for ensuring complete patient recruitment and upload of >95% data points to REDCap for each patient.

Where there are two individuals from both Gastroenterology and HPB/UGI/General Surgery who would both like to take on a lead role - dual leadership is encouraged. 

All collaborators will be acknowledged according to their input to the study. 

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